Balance Point Analysis

What is the High Precision Balance Point Analysis?

The high precision Balance Point Analysis (BPA) delivers the exact balance point based on the skater's posture. This proprietary analysis is very accurate and is only available from Edgehogs. The results of the analysis provide the data necessary to customize the contouring specific to the skater’s posture and body composition. Once the analysis has been done and the skater has used the newly contoured blades, often the skater begins to understand why they may have had difficulties performing certain manoeuvres and drills.

Typically this process is only needed once in the skaters lifetime as the specifications for the blade treatment are kept on file and can be re-used. Exceptions to this are when there is a significant change to the skater’s body composition or the skater has acquired new skates that have not been analyzed.

How does it work?

   1. STEP
 Taking picture of the skater's posture.
 2. STEP
 Analyzing posture and calculating center point of gravity.
 3. STEP
 Setting up a drawing with all measurements.
 4. STEP
 Analyzing old blade contour and suggesting new contour.
 5. STEP
 Costumized Contouring and Sharpening
 6. STEP
 Skating and possible fine tuning.

BPA Example:

 No. 1 Old Balance Point
 No. 2 Blade Center
 No. 3 Boot Gauge based Balance Point
 No. 4 Blade Centre
 No. 5 Correct Lie
 No. 6 This is the chosen contour, based on the skater's size, weight, age, skill and play position.
This example shows an "overworked" blade. After many sharpenings, too much steel was ground away from the heel and toe section. As a result, the skate was poorly balanced and lacked blade support on the ice. In addition, the centre point was too far towards the toe which resulted in locked knees and hindered sufficient backward skating.