What is Contouring?
Shaping or contouring a blade means to grind a skate blade to a specific shape. Custom positioning of the balance point specifically placed for the skater provides increased stability and manoeuvrability leading to higher performance skating. Skates should be contoured once or twice a year in order to give the proper "Lie and Radius". After the skates have been contoured they are sharpened as before.

Why contouring?
New skates come with a standard shaped blade which has a balance point for an average skater's body. This provides adequate performance for the majority of skaters, but may not fit your body composition or style of skating. These blades are not wrongly shaped; they are just not correctly shaped for the individual using them. The contour, balance point, pitch and sharpening type should be reconciled for every skater in order to achieve maximum performance.

What advantages are to be gained with proper contouring?
Some of the most significant benefits to proper contouring are the following:
• More powerful strides and better glide
• Higher speed, less fatigue
• Better edge control, agility and balance
• More flexible skating manoeuvres and moves
• Improved stability while shooting
Better crossover skating
• Quicker turns and greater acceleration
• Consistent edge quality, which leads to more greater skills improvement
• Overall improved confidence and enjoyment of skating

What if the blade is not contoured correctly?
Some of the challenges faced by skaters with blades that are not contoured correctly are the following:
• Loss of balance or stability
• Less gliding surface
• Causes improper sharpening (deeper hollow to compensate for "bad" edges)
• Locked knees, which leads to limited ability to perform drills

What is "Standard" Contouring?
“Standard” contouring is based on a balance point identified by a boot gauge. This is a procedure available at most sharpening shops. It is offered at Edgehogs as well.

What is "Customized" Contouring
“Customized” contouring can be based on skater preferences and specifications. This contouring can include multiple Radius and/or flat portions. To achieve best results, we at Edgehogs employ a proprietary process call “High Precision Balance Point Analysis”. We recommend that all new skates be contoured before use and checked and possibly re-contoured once or twice a year.